Two Types of Planning, Shel-Splained
ETBS (Eat the Brownie Sundae)

This is the happy, delightful, creative planning, like what places we will visit, where we will live, how long we will stay and how we will get from Point A to Point B? Yes, it can be challenging and time-consuming, especially when Steve insists that he must be consulted on the precise internet upload and download speeds available at each candidate apartment, but I love it! At this point in mid-November of 2021, that is pretty well fixed for all but the last month and a half of 2022.

N.B. We did have a place booked on Cape Cod for the end of 2022, but the owner recently informed us through VRBO that the house was “no longer available.” Well, my first year Contracts professor would disagree, but here we are.

ETF (Eat the Frog)

To paraphrase Mark Twain, “If you have to eat a frog, do it first thing in the morning. If you have to eat two frogs, eat the bigger one first.”

This is the quotidian, unglam stuff that makes it all possible, like, what do we do with our stuff while we travel, do we keep our car, how well will our bank account work overseas, do our credit cards have international transaction fees, how do we get health insurance, medical care and prescriptions, what about mail, what is the best phone plan, do we need international driver’s permits, where should we put our birth certificates, marriage license, car title and wills, how will the Weez have access to our vital info and so forth…?

I have been contemplating, discerning and gathering intelligence about all of the above at a leisurely pace since I retired two and half years ago, but now it’s time to make some final decisions and commit.

ETF Checklist
  • Get plane tickets

  • Hire movers

  • Decide which clothes to bring

  • Pack up the apartment

  • Reserve storage space in GA

  • Find auto storage

  • Purchase international health insurance

  • Get an Obamacare plan for The Weez

  • Obtain international driver permits

  • Select international mobile phone provider

  • Notify credit card issuers

  • Sign up for virtual mail box service

  • Schedule pre-flight covid tests

  • Dentist visit for cleaning

  • Alter property insurance policies