On Saturday, Steve and I took the bus up to Fiesole, an ancient village in the Tuscan hills above Florence. N.B., buying a bus ticket in Florence took us about an hour. Truly, we earned the nickname “fledgling,” or more accurately, “floundering,” that day.

Anyway, Fiesole was established by the Etruscans in 9 B.C., and these days is said to be the wealthiest suburb of Florence, with the highest-priced real estate. Fiesole counts among its former residents not only the Etruscans and ancient Romans, but also some rather more contemporary luminaries like Alexandre Dumas, Paul Klee, Marcel Proust, Gertrude Stein and Frank Lloyd Wright. Part of Forster’s “A Room With a View” is set there, and “The English Patient” recuperates in a monastery there.

So, did I spend my time in Fiesole contemplating how this historic locale may have influenced these intellectual, literary and artistic figures and their work? Wondering how their experiences there were woven into the tapestries of their lives? Looking for connections between and among them?

No. No, I did not. All I could think about, as we passed the gorgeous estates and to-die-for mansions that dotted the verdant, rolling landscape, was how the Maestro on “Seinfeld” told Jerry that there were no houses available to rent in Tuscany. That got me thinking that the guy who played the Maestro, Mark Metcalf, also played Douglas C. Neidermeyer in “Animal House,” where he persecutes the unfortunate fraternity pledge, “Flounder.” One of Neidermeyer’s many nemeses is Boone, played by Peter Riegert, who recently turned up in “Succession” as a would-be lawyer for Cousin Greg, who attends his cousins’ mother’s wedding in … wait for it … Tuscany. This kind of makes me a maestro of pattern recognition, no?

Anyway, we had a lovely lunch al fresco, then wandered around a bit. The views were spectacular (another Seinfeld reference, for you superfans). It got pretty windy and cold up there in the hills, and the Roman (sly Succession reference, thank you very much) ruins had closed before we got there, so we had another battle of wits with the bus ticket machine (we lost) and came on home.