I found out this week that the condo I had reserved in Hilton Head, S.C., for the holidays later this year has been sold and our reservation cancelled. The property manager has, unhelpfully, offered us a choice of two other properties, which they characterize as “similar” to the one that got away; needless to say, their definition of “similar” is not very “similar” to mine. Next!

So far, that’s 2 out of 5 reservations for this year that have fallen through, or 3 out of 6, if you count the place I rented on Cape Cod for the holidays that cancelled about two days after we paid our deposit. Finding and booking our lodgings is one of my primary contributions to this whole endeavor, and I’m not exactly killing it. Plus, I still haven’t found us a place to stay between leaving Dublin on August 8th and checking into Paris on August 31.

On the positive side, we do have time to regroup, and it’s a big world out there. On the minus side, after two and half years of the pandemic, everyone wants to travel NOW, space is tight, prices are high and the airlines and airports seem to have lost their collective sh*t (along with lots of luggage). Speaking of luggage, after not having most of ours for 1/4 of our time in Croatia, we now have tracking devices for the big checked bags. They utilize some whiz-bang combination of WiFi, cellular data and GPS; clearly, Steve has belts-and-suspenders’ed this deal all the way up to 11.

For our August interlude, I’ve been trying to think outside the typical Euro box, and I’m using FlipKey and other non-Airbnb or VRBO sites. I’ve looked at beaches in north Africa, farms in rural France and villas on Greek islands. As of this moment, I’d say we are leaning towards the Greek island idea. It sounds pretty great, once you get yourself there. We would fly out of Dublin at midnight, arrive in Athens at 6:00 a.m. the next day, then catch a ferry to the island. To my surprise and delight, Steve and The Weez seem willing to give it a go. Yes, The Weez has arrived in Dublin(!), so we are now a party of three until mid-September.

For the holidays (mid-November through mid-January), I’m at a loss. We do want to be in the Southeastern U.S., near our car, our Christmas decorations, our changes of clothes, The Weez’s college and, ideally, a beach. Hilton Head is pretty booked, so I’m doubtful that we will end up there. Steve has ruled out the entire state of Florida, due to the Ron DeSantis/Rick Scott axis of evil. I don’t think we are allowed to live in our storage unit in Georgia.

Having no fixed address has gotten very real.