We are living amongst some interesting fauna here on Aegina.

At our house, there are a dog, a cat, a massive colony of cicadas, several hens and two roosters. Naturally, Steve is allergic to the dog and the cat and they both love him. Fortunately, the omnipresent musical bugs do not bite. They do, however, make their buzzing sound all day, from sunup to sundown. A 15-hour nonstop Greek chorus, if you will. You get used to it. Finally, the two roosters engage regularly in actually cock fighting, even drawing blood from one another, so one of them is destined for the abattoir. It’s not clear why the owner of our house even has two roosters, or how she will decide which one has to go.

We swim in the sea just about every day, and we have seen lots of fish, of course. However, last week, we saw a live octopus. It was about a foot long and very well camouflaged, but The Weez spotted it (mercifully after we had gotten out of the water). Ewww. Now our friend, Julia, is calling me “She Who Swims with Octopi.” We don’t see too many birds. There were way more sea gulls in Dublin than there are here.

Cats, cats and more cats. Everywhere.