Who are the Fledgling Flâneurs?2022-10-10T14:36:39+00:00

We are Steve and Shelley.  We are Americans and Steve is also an Irish citizen. We are former lawyers who retired in our 50s and have long wanted to see more of the world through slow travel. We have a young adult son who is an art school student in the U.S.

What is Slow Travel?2022-10-10T15:16:51+00:00

Our definition of slow travel is spending several weeks to several months in one place. We typically rent an apartment and settle in to live as much as we can like locals, or at least expats. We take our time to explore, walk the neighborhoods and sit in the cafes, shop the local markets, meet people, learn a bit of some foreign languages, eat the local food, cook (occasionally), take pictures and visit places that we would probably not see on a traditional one-week vacation. We often use our apartment as a base from which to travel around the host country or state on short trips.

Why Are We Doing This?2022-10-10T14:59:19+00:00

We love to travel and we are trying to decide where we want to live as we head into later middle age and beyond. We are learning about different types of locales, lifestyles and environments, as well as about ourselves and what is and is not important to us. We are grateful to have the means, stamina, good health, flexibility and spirit of adventure to make this lifestyle possible right now, so we are seizing the day.

How Do We Decided Where to Go?2022-10-10T15:10:51+00:00

When we started out, we wanted to go far and wide, both within the U.S. and in the wider world, particularly Canada and Europe, and a handful of places in Oceania, Asia, South America and Africa. While we still want to visit all of those places, we have turned our more immediate focus to finding a place to live for the longer-term. Currently, we think that will be somewhere in North America or Europe, so we are going to focus there for now. Beyond that, we choose places based on our interests, recommendations from friends and family, geography, climate, availability of accommodations and immigration rules. For this first year, we chose a mix of places we have and have not visited before and where we expected language barriers to be minimal.

How Long Are We Going to Do This?2023-09-10T20:16:29+00:00

As of Summer 2023, following 20 months on the road, we have decided to stop full-time travel in October of 2023, and settle down in Boulder, Colorado for a while. After that, who knows?

Do We Have a Home Base?2022-10-10T15:13:41+00:00

No. Home truly is wherever we are together. Our son has an apartment with roommates near his college in the U.S.