I’m Shelley, and I’m writing for myself and my husband, Steve. We are a couple of late-stage Boomers who came along too late to be Flower Children and too early to miss Watergate, the Reagan Administration and New Coke. We met on a blind date in January of 1995 and got married in February of 1996. We both had long and mostly rewarding careers in the law, which we ditched as soon as possible in order to … sit home for two years during the pandemic. We also raised and often over-parented our only child, the Weez, who is currently studying art and design in college. As I write this in late 2021, we are about to embark on an indefinite period of slow travel, beginning in February of 2022 with a three-month stay in Florence, Italy, followed by extended stays in Croatia, Ireland and France. Among other pursuits, we hope to perfect the arts of flânerie and cafe’ life, while living, learning, cooking, wine-tasting, touring, photographing and socializing in some very special places.

Some Day, This Will Be My Ride …
And this will be Steve’s